Where did the time go?

Wow, it was just yesterday I was being introduced to everyone in the offices as the one visiting from the States, and now here I am wrapping up work and sending my passport for my exit visa. 11 weeks in Qatar have taught me so much-- not sure if it was Qatar itself, living alone, or a mixture of the two. As for the experience, I couldn’t have honestly asked for any more.

I came across some of the most talented and dedicated individuals I know, from all corners of the world, from all different walks of life. Whether it was being a busy-bee reviewing technical reports with our occasional muffled giggles while trying to remain serious at work or working with a team on site that I felt so comfortable, at-home around, my work gave me a home. And let me tell you, inspecting concrete, could not have been made any more fun than it was here, in 110 degrees, on a Rem Koolhaas building :o)

I find myself a strong believer of being kind to another with no expectations from any in return. The people here have given me so much love, care, and respect that I am truly humbled. Going on my last walk-through on site, I tried to capture the excitement of approaching the building everytime and the feeling while standing on the very top of the building looking out. I wanted to save it all in the depths of my eyes forever.