What I Miss the Most

The malls and bazaars are one of the best features Qatar has to offer. They’re more like Super-Malls or Mega-Bazaars :) City Center, the biggest mall in Doha, is absolutely beautiful and quite like the malls in the States, expect more grand. The biggest difference however is finding a lot more women covered in black head to toe with beautiful eyes piercing through, wearing high heels and carrying their Coach bags. Men are not far behind in their expensive white Thobes, looking clean and classy. Shopping in these malls really affirms your belief that Qatar is quite expensive and rich :) Also, what I found funny was that on Fridays, single men are not exactly allowed in the malls or bazaars because it’s Family-day, where families can shop in peace (lol!).

After having gone to City Center, I also went to another supermarket, called a “hypermarket” (which I find so amusing) and big Superstore mall type places that are more crowded, and well, a couple notches down. You’ll find all sorts of people, but things just don’t live up to the malls I saw—I found it to be very tacky with imitation like items, clothing, and shoes. And adding to that were lots and lots of people that you really had to be careful where you were walking. And as much as I love kids, ooohh boyy are the kids in these places wild. And I mean WILD- they pretty much run crazy, some throwing tantrums and some simply creating chaos.

My last “type” of shopping experience thus far has been my favorite. It was the bazaar shopping at Souq Waqif. ohmygoodness, beautiful is an understatement. Just imagine lots and lots of little colorful shops where you’ll find everything from all kinds of clothing, and souvenirs, to handmade jewelry with pearls and gems, to little chickies and camels, to amazing restaurants, all the way to little nifty things you never knew existed. I would go back there over and over if I could. It’s this sort of place where you can bargain a whole lot, but at the end of the day, you need to be careful of how much you spend because trust me, you’ll want to get everything.