Treasures of the Heart

What you hold in your heart is what life will give you- some will receive it in the form of a gift while others a test. Whichever it may be, you were chosen to fulfill a purpose. Know, that you will never be tested more than you can handle and never rewarded more than you can be grateful for. If one of those is out of line, know it is temporary and that good, that bad, will be gone in a matter of time. That time is your test. What you hold in your heart will be a reflection of your actions, of yourself. Fill your heart with the pearls of virtue and integrity and never sell it for the worthlessness of hypocrisy. And if that thorn of hypocrisy may live within you, prick it out before it embeds itself within you permanently. And if those pearls lay firmly in your treasure chest, bound tightly and engraved in the walls of your heart, treasure them for eternity for its value will never lessen and its beauty will never fade. Keep it in the safest of your treasures, deep beneath everything of worldly pleasure and worldly dangers.