This is Life

What a relaxing evening on board, surrounded by water. The calming waves against the wooden shell of the Dhow swiftly moving through the waters felt so serene and pure. For the 6-hours I was on this boating trip, I saw Doha from the sun high in the sky to the dark night sky. I also met some friendly families, one in particular of Indian descent residing in Congo, Africa for over 2 decades, here on a family-reunion vacation, which was so fascinating as we shared the differences and similarities in our life styles thousands of miles apart. For the most part, however, I stood glued to the railing by the water, away from all others, any worries, roaming thoughts, which was an indescribably gratifying feeling.

What worries lie here? I’m not talking about the hectic work/school life or personal matters, because quite honestly, those are things either I have not found here or have left back home. The worries that lie here, as disappointing as it may be, are universal. This country, it’s people are beautiful and caring. But reality is, we have to accept that not everyone is. I am talking about the men on the streets who lack hayaa, even while a woman is all covered from head to toe. I am talking about self-respect amongst individuals, by actions where one cannot help but lose it all for them. And I am talking about the half-hearted love for the Creator among some, where their bodies are covered, sadly, with layers of hypocrisy. Is it really that hard to be good to one another, yourself, and above all, your Creator?

Sitting at the tip heading home looking up at the star-lit sky and ahead at the skyline sparkling would light a smile at anyone’s face :)