Mohsin Hamid- Dicontent and Its Civilizations

Unlike many others who see from the outside in, artists see things from the inside out. Having that emotional connection with eachother, our surrounding, our inner-self, is what gives our work its true meaning. In conversation with Mohsin Hamid, he spoke eloquently about his recent work Discontent and its Civilizations, shedding light onto his perception on life. He read an excerpt from his book talking about how there is an underlying hypocrisy within our civilization today, where to speak freely, it's as if every word must be monitored. It's to understand that freedom exists alongside tyranny.

I thought it was so beautiful as he described the sentiment of love when talking about the relationship of his daughter to his father, her grandfather. He said, how love must be a selfless thing, yet often people get lost in the illusion of love, craving what the self wants, wanting what the self thinks it needs. That form of "love" is utterly selfish; it is only a form of pleasing oneself. Mohsin Hamid spoke about how his father is always so excited for the future that lies ahead, which really isn't for himself - it is excitement for the days that lie ahead for his 5-year old granddaughter. Her future, her life excites him and that's what love is - a beautiful thing, the epitome of being selfless, to please not yourself, but the one you love. The self becomes so focused on that positive energy, on loving the other, and loses oneself in it. Whether that love is an attachment to a tangible thing, a person, or for God, to truly love was never for your sake. What you do gain from it is a sense of sakoon (serenity), and that's when you know it is love... the right kind of love.