I'm a precious pearl

In the abysses of the sea I lie, settled deep beneath the ground,

My happiness lies in the highest heights, yet to the sea my safety is bound

My fortunes lie deeper than any deep blue sea,

I lie in my shell, I assure you, with satisfaction and glee

I’m a precious pearl with no vain


Radiant, glimmering, do you not see my beauty?

It lies in my heart, embodying grace, a symbol of purity

I am forever faithful, guarding my modesty

Not greedy of a provoking gaze, these boundaries engraved within me

I’m a precious pearl without a stain


Oh Allah! You are my shield against evil, my Protector,

Every breath, every moment I live for your forgiveness, in your complete devotion

I can surpass any test, any hardship for You are my strength, my unconditional love,

My Iman seeks for a reward in the Hereafter, this realm of beauty I hope to rise above

I’m a precious pearl for Allah’s sake