Drowning Education In Blood

Just when you thought you had some control, some right on the life you live, well, guess again. There’s a lot less that’s in our hands.

As I sit here and write about a particular brave young girl in mind, I can’t help but think about the 20 other children in heaven and quite honestly, what these children, living worlds apart, share in common. Education. And not only education for a place of learning, but really, a zone of danger.

Malala Yousafzai is a brave young-girl, commended by many for putting her own, her family’s life at risk for the principles she stands by, for the rights she fights for. She is a bright young individual, and certainly a brave soldier as well. She is one to stand up to those that are day by day, drowning education in blood. Whether it is one of Malala to be a spokesperson for her classmates and herself, fighting for their rights to be able to learn or these innocent children in the States, who were living the most ordinary “perfect” lives, little did we know that tragedy would strike. It’s so unfortunate that an institution of learning is what bridges these children-- why has education become a connotation for violence today? Why are children’s lives at risk today in a place where they are supposed to be the happiest, the safest? Why is society, instead of progressing and moving forward, taking leaps backwards where our concerns are the safety of our children? Why are we today still questioning the right to a child’s future? Take a moment to stop and think about the kind of world we live in today, and then take another to think about what you would do to change it... to set it back on track where parents have confidence sending their children to school. Where parents have faith in their children’s futures even after they are gone.

People tend to clutter their purpose in life, when really, it’s quite simple-- to fulfill that purpose is where the challenge begins