A Smile in Disguise

That smile you see,

How effortlessly it appears and lights the room,

Radiant innocence creasing the face,

Or perhaps a cloth veiling the truth inside,

Have you questioned what lay behind?


A contained laughter where the heart rejoices,

A bottled expression of the love it feels,

Humble and delicate, accidental beauty it adds,

Speaking the story of a quivering heart,

Have you questioned the emotions that lay behind?


A gratified heart that wears it quietly,

Eyes that close and find peace, gardens all around,

Hesitating to walk in the thorns of reality,

Finding a home in it’s smile, only it’s smile,

Have you questioned the struggle that lay behind?


A half-broken smile concealing the pain it suffers,

Lost and confused following a trail,

Where no path leads, no direction lies,

A frustrated heart, afraid but healing every time it finds itself smiling,

Have you questioned the strength that lay behind?


A smile on it’s own, shattered and weak,

Where a heart cries for the pain it sees,

But persists only to reassure and bleeds hope,

Sharing it’s smile with you, within itself it learns to cope.


That smile you see,

Have you questioned what lay behind?