Lessons from Surah Yasin & Surah Ar-Rahman

Getting to the depths of among the two of the most important surahs in the Quran, Surah Yasin and Surah Ar-Rahman, has had a significant impact on my life. Both have brought a positive change by understanding the words, the meanings, and the stories behind the verses-- subhanAllah, each so beautifully placed. Racing back through the highlights, one message was so powerfully engraved: the Qadar of Allah.

Al-Qadar is the belief that Allah has predestined, sustained, and recorded everything, as per His Knowledge and His Wisdom. This seminar reflected on the different levels and the hikmah of Qadar in Surah Ya-Sin. In reference to nature, the decree and the power of Allah is glorified, with the mention of the sunlight being stripped away layer after layer and the moon being made in 28 stages. Clearly, the creation of Allah is beyond our grasp, and our belief in Qadar affirms that everything is in accordance with Allah’s will and permission. This provides not only an undisputable belief in Allah, but more importantly, it gives way to the straight path through obedience to Him. We become more mindful of our speech, of our actions, and in our worship to Him. All that we pursue for Allahs sake and His sake alone, from our path of education, to a spouse, to how we go on to live our lives in this world, is like a drop in the ocean of the blessings that are determined in our Qadar in the Hereafter. The fruits of our obedience to Him is at many times unfathomable; the blessings upon us come in all shapes and forms, where the meaning may be hidden or perhaps so faint that it is physically unnoticeable.

The Qadar of Allah is upon those whom He chooses. Whether it is a hardship upon you or a blessing, it is by Allah’s will. In the tafseer of Surah Ar-Rahman, this ayah,

"Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both deny?" is repeated 31 times. Its recurrent repetition in a profound surah as Surah Ar-Rahman further signifies the importance of its message. Allahs bounties, from the Heavens to the Earth are countless subhanAllah, and we are reminded of that over and over. This puts the very meaning  and events of life into perspective, and the belief that in fact the time and fulfillment from our achievements, success, sorrows, richness, illness, and ultimately death has been written. No hardship upon what we are able bear will be imposed upon us, as well as any happiness we are blessed with may be a test of our faith and questioning on the Day of Judgment, weighing in the scales of Justice and fairness of our deeds.

Reflecting on Al-Qadar at a personal level is perhaps upon each and every one of us. Having taken this seminar before Ramadan began, subhanAllah it could not have had better timing, especially in relevance to understanding Qadar. In the odd nights this past Ramadan, with Laylat ul Qadar as the Night of Power, we increase in our ibadah, dhikr, salah, and ask for Allahs mercy. In terms of our understanding of Qadar, the lower levels of Qadar are changeable, and therefore, the sincerity of our duaa can go on to impact our Qadar. Although this does not encompass unconditional predestination, its sincerity is believed to influence conditional predestination. This acknowledgement further influences the height of ones duaa as a Believer, for Allah guides whom He wills. And Allah knows best.